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Gustavo Paradiso - Jewelry Gallery


Gustavo Paradiso is an unusually creative jeweler who works in a wide variety of styles but typically uses "alternative" materials and recycled silver.

These jewelry collections are the result of work, research, experience, study, curiosity, thousands of hours of contemplation, science fiction movies, Japanese animation, improbable machines, giant sceneries, impossible worlds.

My particular vision of giant sculptures designed to wear on the body.

Gustavo Paradiso

Cables Deer Horn Silver


Multiradial Brooch

Mokume Gane Silver Copper Brooch


Silver Ring

Silver Ring


Tubes Serie No 4

Silver Ring


Milflores Brooch

Bone, Copper wire


Milflores Rings

Silver, Copper wire


Amber Ring

Silver, Amber


Wood Ring

Wood, Silver



Wood, Silver