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Guns as jewelry

How about guns AS jewelry? I have a pair of miniature Glock .40
earrings. I cast one in sterling as a pendant, but it needs some
additional work on the model to make it light enough to wear in the
ear - without significantly enlarging one’s earlobes, that is.

Linda in central FL

These are my idea of guns as jewelry.

Elliot Nesterman

How about guns AS jewelry? 

I’m sure there would be a strong market for that in the US. Same as
for racing enthusiasts jewelry. I was approached by a auto racing
club to make rings with specific racing tire tread patterns. It
wasn’t my thing, but the amount of interest made me think that a
person could make a living just making racing tire jewelry. Mark

Thats fun. When I worked as a gun smith I wore lots of bullets and
miniature knives, I never got around to miniature guns. I think I
would have gone for a Colt 1911 though. :slight_smile: Sheri 

That is amazing work! Thanks for posting it.


As I looked at that beautiful set of dueling pistols, it reminded me
of my favorite episode of Antique Roadshow.

A young man brought in a pair of dueling pistols left to him through
his father from a great great grandfather. The expert went on the
explain they weremade by a British family owned company which
specialized in dueling pistols. During there 40 years they produced
some limited number which I don’t remember, but they were famous for
their dueling pistols at that time. He went on to explain that they
numbered every set the made sequentially with the number on the
grips butt plate. He then held up the pistols to show the young man
the numbers 1 and 2 on the butt plate. He thought they were the
first dueling pistol set made and that they would bring between $1.5
and $2 million at auction.

I wonder what my Daisy would bring?