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Thanks all who answered my guilloche question, especially Ed Colbeth
for directing me to Peter Rowe’s utterly fascinating article.

Peter, if you’re out there, I have one last question: can the
traditional Faberge engraved effect be achieved with a modern CNC
machine (for example, Servo Products with Precise high speed
spindles) as with an old Plante, Hall, or Field engine turning
machine? Or is there a distinct quality to hand work?

Richard Hyer in Chicago, where the wind is so strong, waves are
breaking as tall as the trees.

Richard Hyer
Tel: 773-404-2755
Fax: 773-404-2756

Rick, I’m not Peter Rowe but you must have missed a very informative
answer to your question, along with a very neat link that came with
the message. If you would follow the following link you will answer a
lot of your questions. “” is an excellent
answer, I didn’t know that a company like that even existed!!! ~(:sunglasses: