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Guilloche machine

I have just figured out how to use the board and wanted to introduce
myself I was on a couple of years ago but laked in the computer
knowledge to efficently do anything. I have been a jeweler for 14
years doing custom work for several stores in Tucson I have been
lucky in that I dont have to do any repairs just make new pieces. I
make holloware as well mostly just for fun but do get the occasional
baby cup and spoon commision. I also make most of my own tools like
hammers and forming stakes as well as tooling for a 250 ton press
that I built I will post pictures of it when I figure out how to do
it or convince my wife to do it for me. I recently aquired a straight
line guilloche machine or engine turning machine and have been making
neat patterns on stuff I would love to hear from anyone out there
who has one or is interested in this type of equipment as they seem
to be pretty rare mine is a kenloc made around the turn of the
century I hope to find a rotary machine someday as well or I might
try to build one. I have a complete machine shop and do repair on
rolling mills and make custom rolls if any one is in need. I will be
going to the orchid dinner in Tucson so I hope to meet some of you

Kevin Potter