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I would like to recommend to any Orchidians out there with
a strong jewelry or functional ‘line’… has been a m a z i
n g to deal with…personal and professional staff, strong sales,
amazing advertising, professionalism, receptive to new ideas; they
are true leaders in the field. They recently gave my work (flatware,
jewelry, holloware, furniture) a special spot right off the mainpage,
kind of a ‘retrospective’ of sorts! Please come check it out:

In the year-and-a-half that i’ve been with them, i’ve have had more
action, interviews, publicity and sales from this one source
( than any other rep and recommend them to anyone looking
for an internet rep. Applicants need to send slides that can make the
’Michael Monroe’ (Artistic Advisor Director’s) cut…you can contact right off the initial home page and ask them
for an application. Happy Hunting! …and Happy Holidays!

-Boris Bally