Guidelines for new guild policies

well, not a very noble inquiry, as it has very little to do with
surface treatment.

is anyone reading, involved with the managing of any sort of guild
or artisan group? i’m trying to make some valid points with the herd
of cats i’m trying to direct.

does anyone have an online source or [offline] for some guidelines
to keeping one afloat without the “tyranny of committees”?

i’m trying to formulate some new policies about membership, dues,
etc. we have consent from our local parks commission and the city to
sit out on saturday mornings selling our ware, alongside a farmer’s
market. are membership fee/dues a normal part of having an
arts/crafts group? dues would be for:

covering things like print ads, admin fees [office supplies, etc.],
sales tax collection and payment to the sales tax commission, maybe
cash prize for a contest, and other incidental costs of maintaining
an organisation. at some future point, i’d like our little guild to
have enough cash reserves to hold a small event, like an outdoor art
show. we don’t charge a booth fee. this is something that seems to
let newcomers believe they can come and do as they please. it seems
like for every drop of new paint i try to use to colour a positive
future, there are a couple stalwarts with a gallon of turps, ready
to spoil the whole picture.their ‘memberships’ are due to expire and
may not be renewed.

i am the sole director, of this board less group…no one else
bothers to actively participate, help with organisation or any of
it. they come, sell and leave. a long time ago, i was part of a
co-op, in a brick and mortar store, high foot traffic… it didn’t
do well, as there were too many chefs and not enough dishwashers, [
alcohol fueled “meetings” didn’t helped either]

what i may need to do, is if someone doesn’t want to join, just let
the farmer’s market deal with them, and not include them for any
guild events. [if that sounds too schoolyardy and sophomoric, you
have no idea who i’ve been caught up with…; ] there are other
issues, but i’m really wanting to have that past, 'be behind me’
rather than my behind be in the past.

thanks for reading and special thanks for any input.


You might try Sign of the Dove in Cambridge, MA. They are a
cooperative that sells together and has rules for jurying,
contributing work hours, fees to join and penalties for not following

Good luck. Mary A

Richard, you could try the website of the cooperative to which I
belong, Gallery 41 in Owego, NY.

It gives our history, artists and some of their art, and a copy of
our application blank.

If you have any particular questions, feel free to contact me

Judy Bjorkman