GRS Solder Station Third Hand Maintenance

Thank you Rob! The project for tomorrow! I’ll have to sacrifice some pliers I think. Thanks all.


are you sureyour springs are bad…?…


I thought I’d add, that I occasionally wreck my springs by getting them too hot and messing up the temper. That’s why, I’ve occasionally had to replace them.


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Thanks all! Okay was not the day for it but I think the springs in one side are for sure overheated and need replac8ng.

The text is SO small here! Typo cut6, sorry

I hadn’t thought about that possibility. I will be more careful in the future where I point my torch while I am fluxing, adding solder chips or just thinking. Thanks…Rob


Thanks for everyone who helped. I’ve removed springs and ordered one new, ultrasonic and 3 in one oiled ball joints and flipped the messy board. I think it would be OK to file the third hand gripper points down to more of an extra fine point … lmk if that is ok idea.

Thank you!!