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GRS gravermax system

I have been experimenting with hand engraving on my own and would
like to learn more through classes or apprenticeship. I have been
reading about the GRS gravermax system and was wondering if there
was any feedback about that tool/system or techniques AND if anyone
would recommend learning engraving with the GRS tool opposed to hand
engraving? Also, I am looking for good books that have engraving

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We just had the stuller workshop this past weekend . Sam alfson and
teacher at grs was working the show and did a great job. The
gravermax is the way to go as well to attend a class where any one of
there instructors will be attending.

Andy " The Tool Guy" Kroungold
Tool Sales / Technical
Stuller Inc
Phone 800-877-7777 ext. 94194
Fax 337-262-7791