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GRS Gravermach Online Lessons or dvds

Where can I find info on how to use the GRS Gravermach AT graver? YouTube only has how to set it up or just videos of people using it. I need to know how to use the different dials and setting the pressure, etc.
Eventually I will go for training at GRS but I just can’t pickup and go there right now.
Thanks in advance!

Zukii Designs

Have you tried calling GRS / Glendo in Emporia KS? They are a good company with good people that have always been very helpful when I have contacted them. I did take a stone setting class there about a decade ago, but I can’t imagine that that is the only reason they answer my questions…I just had to call in the last few months…

I agree, call Glendo. They are really great folks that care about their customers, both current and future. They will be more than willing to help you figure out what you want to know.


@glendo is also an advertiser on Orchid :wink: