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GRS and Lindsey equippment

    We had at our disposal, both GRS and Lindsey equippment to
experiment with, and Brian demonstrated on both so that we could
return home and make an educated decision on which direction would
be best for us individually. 

Which did you prefer?

Helloooo Peter, There are some obvious differences with the overall
setup and Tech issues such as strokes per so and so and the like. We
have in our shop alot of G.R.S. equipment and “we love it” alot so
for me it was best to learn on that equipment so as to stay focused
on the I was recieving ( Lots from the old geezer
).Annyhoo, it does seem to me ( a novice engraving student ) ( but
not too shabby a setter ) that Mr. Lindsey has developed the next
level of powered graver equipment and if we @ Molina were to change
direction at this time we would move to Mr. Lindseys line. I would
also add that the G.R.S. line of holding devices and such has been a
great addition to the trade a a whole, especially for me as a setter,
and I wouldn’t be without it…

I hope that answered your question and I would like to say that I
have always “valued greatly” your presence on Orchid.