Growing Synthetic Diamonds

Hello John B., Skip, Peter Rowe,Jim Binnion, et al- Enough already
with why does square wire bend on the path of least resistance…8^)
Anybody care to venture a guess as to how they’re producing that
805,000 psi to grow those synthetic diamonds over at the Univ. of

Ricky Low

Find a copy of Dr. Kurt Nassau’s “Gems made by man”. There are
several good drawings therein as to the types of apparatus used for
such really high pressures. It’s a set of rather carefully chosen
materials in carefully designed geometries, forming the
compression/heating apparatus. The geometries and materials chosen
for the parts allow ordinary hydraulic presses (large one) to generate
pressures far greater than the actual press force, concentrated within
the small area of the reaction cell, for growing larger diamonds.
Note that these techniques are not especially new. They mostly derive
from the original G.E. research work done in the 50s, and improved
upon since. For the mass production on a commercial scale of diamond
abrasive, the methods are simpler. The pressure wave front of an
explosive can generate the desired pressures and temperatures, even if
only for a moment. that’s enough, when you do it right. Again, see
Nassau’s book for the details. The pictures are a LOT clearer than
anything I could try to verbally describe in text, here.

Peter Rowe

Many thanks for the info on the book, Peter. Do you have any tips on
where to get it? My friend Stan has in-laws who live in Gainesville,
and the president of the University is a golfing buddy of their’s, so
we’re trying for the guided tour also if I can get time to go. Amazing
what they’re doing there with diamonds…Look on the front page of
the current National jeweler, anybody doesn’t understand what I’m
talking about and you’ll understand all the hubbub about logos on
diamonds. Ricky Low