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Grizzly Tools

Hi everyone,

As I am a woodworker unlike the rest of you here, I have a very
different source for tools, though I do shop at harbor freight
occasionally. I buy tools from Grizzly Tools (Grizzly,com) I have had
excellent service and no questions asked on warranty issues. I tell
them the parts I need to replace and they send them. I have had very
few problems, and those I did have were my fault.

There new catalog has a lot of metal working tools and a good
selection of measuring tools. I think that this is a great resource
for those of you here, The prices are great as well.

I used to cringe at tools made in Taiwan, but even the US companies
now make everything over there. I bought a few to begin with and now
I buy almost exclusively from them.

I recently purchased a set of digital micrometers and calipers and
am extremely pleased with the quality and accuracy, and even more at
the price. I had my eye on some Swiss ones in the catalog, but my
work doesn’t justify the extra expense.

Most of the tools are for woodworking, so you may have to skim over
the catalog to find what is useful to you. They have quite a

Mark Noll

I know a guy who build lapidary grinders from arbors he gets at
Grizzly. He says they are 1/3 of the price and exactly the same.
Another good source if you like to tinker…

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado