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Grizzly Sheet Metal Machine

In an August post on comparison of flex shafts you mentioned Grizzly

Do you have any about the quality, accuracy and
reliability of

It is advertised as a great little machine that “shears, brakes and
slip rolls.” It is priced at $235.00 plus shipping.

The company also has a complete list with #s and prices of
replacement parts for the machine.

It looks like it would be superior to the one advertised by Harbor
Freight. Do you (or perhaps other Orcidians) have experience with
this machine?



I have not used that exact machine, but do have it’s big brother, the
30" version at the place I work. It is a very handy machine used
within it’s capability. Like most such “made in china” tools like
these, it took a bit of tweaking to get it working smoothly, but
nothing more than adjustments to the hold-down for the shear, and
the like. Nothing major. We use ours for light sheet fab in aluminum
and light sheet steel. Stuff from Grizzly tends to be a bit better
supported than those from Harbor Freight, even when the machines are
likely made by the same factory. Not bad for the money, in my


i bought one of these from a different retailer i think the desgin is
more important than the brand any how the only part that was reliable
was the slip roll at the top. the shear performed for the first
several cuts and then sprung itself under load it says it will do 22
ga mild steel but if you want it to last keep your thickness at about
28 ga and no cuts more than 4" wide ( i imagine it would do ok with
silver and gold but im not saying this ) . the best part of my whole
3in1 affair was watching the the hoist on my buddy’s scrap metal
truck load the thing up onto the back of the truck ! PAY YER $$ &TAKE



My dad bought a 30" version from Enco this summer. Colours, prices,
and service may vary between different suppliers but I suspect all
come from the same factory.

A pretty good machine for the price, it needed a bit of adjustment
but no major modifications were immediately required nor indicated. I
was using it within an hour or two with it sitting on the floor,
getting it on a bench took a little more thought. The 12" is lighter
than a 30" but still significant… not really in the portable
category. Minimal instruction manual ( good for starting the wood
stove maybe once :slight_smile: so some familiarity with sheet metal work is
helpful. Shearing capacity might be a little optimistic, brake and
roll understated (but the numbers quoted are for steel).

It is not designed as jewellery tool, but not priced as one either.
Still useful and as a tool junkie I would buy one and get good use
out of it although some special tooling might require fabrication.
(ie: break fingers in whole inch increments)


Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modelling & Goldsmithing

Merlyn -

I have one of the Harbor Freight Shear, Slip, Brake and Roll
machines. I use it in my tin business to cut and form the tin off the
roll. The machine is too large for jewelry purposes, I think, except
possibly for shearing. I generally cut jewelery metal with an old
paper cutter, but long for a good bench shear - don’t like the ones
with the 2 jaws and lever type handle -

Ivy S. Fasko
Contemporary Handcrafted Jewelry

Put this on your wish list:

look at the bench shears. these used to be the best small shears
–being made again in Minnesota.

I have an 8 and a 12 inch hinge type which work fine for me-- I put
an out feed table on with stops to cut fixed strips. I feed from the
back opposite the school solution way. All tool users need to be
wary of sellers claim for capacity. They often distort the truth. I
saw one noted metal craftsmans 12 inch that had been badly distorted
by attempting to cut something way beyond its true capacity. Most
likely !/4 or thicker steel. He and his wife taught students so these
probably did it in.