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"Grinding of a Graver!"


Hi everyone

For many decades I have found that many jewellery-people have limited resources on how to Bright-Cut. I intend with the assistance of my series of technical essays, to quench their insatiable thirst on this topic.
My latest (just posted yesterday) Blog-Essay is just on this one topic…***'How to Grind a Graver"***! In this essay, I delved into what a graver looks like when bought and then how it looks like when it is finished.

On future essays on this important “Bright-Cutting” topic, I will write on “How to Modify Each Graver, when needed”. There are many rules and sequence of events leading up to the shaping of either a Flat or an Onglette graver. Read this new essay and if you wish, you can print it out but remember this, everything I write is ‘FOR FREE’!


Hello, Gerry.

Thank you, you and others here make the world better, share with us your wisdom and experiences, you are an example for all.

Long life and great health to all …

Regards direct from Brazil

Carlos Peixoto.