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Grinding Acrylic

Here is a tip that hasn’t yet been mentioned. Use your torch to
polish the acrylic after it is shaped.

Years ago I had to create hundreds of room numbers for a hotel. The
project was 1/2" thick Plexiglas blanks that were to have the numbers
applied to the reverse so they could be viewed through the plastic.
The shape was an elongated octagon with the edges beveled with a
router. Even with the texture left by the router bit, the majority of
the surface “polished” enough for the project.

I’m not sure whether we used a propane or acetylene flame but it was
"cool". The pass over the surface was very quick. We may have even
left the protective paper in place. I was amazed at the results [do a
test first]. It reminded me of using the flame on a wax pattern to
smooth the surface.

Orchid Rules!..Karla… in Sunny So. California