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Gregory kiln

Several years ago I became owner of a “Gregory Kiln” which uses infra
red heat lights to fire enamels. The kiln promises instant heat, no
waiting for the kiln to heat up. When I finally got around to trying
it out, the bulbs lit up and the fan fanned as soon as I turned it on
but not enough heat was produced to do anything to the enamel. Does
anyone out there in orchid land know antthing about "Gregory Kilns"
Might I need new bulbs? Hannah In Seattle


It sounds as if this is an infra red kiln used to cure epoxy enamels.

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone

Never heard of a Gregory Kiln, or the use of IR heat lamps for firing
enamels. I would suspect, though, that if it does indeed produce
enough heat to fire the enamel, that the enamel would need to be very
close to the lamp. Margaret

I’m sure that what is being described is a kiln to cure plastics and
artclay materials. Since bulbs are made of glass and so is enamel the
bulb would melt before the enamel fused.

Tony Konrath

The "Oven " you have may be intended to cure paint "enamel’ not the
true glass enamels. There is a book written buy an Ian Gregory on
building large ceramic kilns but what you have doesn’t sound like
anything that would be similar to what this would be. Sorry not to be
much help, a better description of what you have or a photo sent me
directly off line may help me to do better. Jesse