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Green amethyst vs. Oroverde quart


OK, so now I am confused…what is the difference between
Praisiolite and green amethyst? I thought they were the same stone. I
purchased Prasiolite in Tucson and it’s color it rather like the
green of flourite. Oro verde quartz is the lime-ish colored stone but
I was unaware it was heat/treated also and that it was considered the
same as lemon quartz which looks completely different. Is prasiolite
natural or heat treated? Are all three/four heat treated? Help!

Mary Ann Archer
Fine Jewelry Designs LLC


Hello all,

Excerpt from Kurt Nassau’s book Gemstone Enhancement;

“Irradiation will turn colorless or pale colors of quartz to smokey
or greenish yellowl” Oro Verde

“Heat will turn smokey to paler to greenish yellow to green,

“Heat will turn Amethyst to yellow [many shades including lemon
yellow], colorless or green” greened Amethyst.

Rough reaction will depend on mine rough comes from and inclusions
(chemicals) in rough quartz.

Hope this helps


Green quartz colored by mineral impurities has been mined some
places. Impurities would be iron, nickel, copper or chlorite Most
Green Quartz is Brazilian amethyst turned green by heating at 510 C.
It is also called Prasiolite or vermarine. From “Gem and lapidary
materials” by June Zeitner