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Greek infinity ring?

Is anyone familiar with the Greek infinity symbol? If you’re
not it’s a band (I’m making a ring) and its’ like an L & a
reversed L) repeated over and over on both sides of the ring.
Anyway I want to know the best way to have both halves joined
without showing where the join is because it is supposed to have
air though it all the way around. Any tips are greatly

Eric P.

Hello Eric, Is this the design also called a greek key ? If so,
I wear one that I made 28 years ago. I’m not sure what it is that
you want to know. I’ll help if I can. Let me know. Tom Arnold at

Eric, I assume you are referring to the Greek Key design…made
a ring and a bracelet recently for a customer…went something
like this…I drew square wire 2mm for the ring whick was made
into two size 7 small bands ( one could purchase small bands or
wire if you do not have the ability to draw same)… For the key
symbol I drew 1.5mm wire and carefully and with Zen connectedness
simply bent the design by hand with pliers… plot the design so
the ends make a complete size seven circle with a design even all
around…then weld both solid rings on either side…and there
you have it ! The difficult part is bending the design even
each time… practice on scrap metal…

Terry Parresol in central Florida…still hot and already into
the Christmas rushhhh …