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[Greece] Jewelry Attractions

My wife and I are heading over to Greece for about two weeks, and I’m
looking for jewelry-related things to see and do. We’ll only be in
Athens for about a day, but then we’re going to Santorini for about a
week and on to Mykonos after that. Does anyone have any ideas of
things to see/do/buy while we’re there? Or any Orchidians out there
on Santorini or Mykonos?


Alan Derr
Solution Consulting Engineer
NSP Professional Services

dear Alan In Athens you must visit Lalaounis museum of jewellery,its
in plaka under Acropolis and the Benakis museum,its also in the center
of athens and you can find in any athens guide.Santorini is very
touristic island but very beautifull,one of the best sunset in greece
.Ia is a village on the edge of the old volcano,this is very nice
place and you can find many many jewellery there but not all from have to ask if you want to buy something from
greece.Mykonos was very cool island before 20 years, for now you can
also go to mayorca ,same taste.Too many shops also.exantric pieces.
enjoy your holidays like the first you had. we wish you the best
nikiforos from isl. of sapfo- lesvos

Dear Allan,

You have chosen the best places to go to Greece, congratulation, I am
a Greek but i live in Cyprus,a small island near Greece,if you look
closely to the map you may find it , and the enviroment is almost the
same as mykonos the only thing that differs is that there is the
combination of Mountain and Sea.

If you are looking jewelry for retail buying you will find hundreds
of jewelers both modern and traditional designs, now if you are
looking jewels for wholesale buying you have to go to Thessaloniki or

We operate retail and wholesale business but unfortunately we are few
hundreds of miles away from the sunny islands.

Euxaristo (Thanks In Greek)

Alan Derr I haven’t been to either island for years but you have to
watch for being taken. A typical ploy is to have you buy several
items, being told they will wrap them for you, and when you get too
far away to do anything about it you find out that they have
"neglected" to wrap some of the pieces you have paid for. It is
important that you not let what you have paid for out of your sight
or be able to see it clearly in your hand as you leave. Not all
jewelers in Greece are cheats but, some are. Be cautious. Their
jewelry is beautiful and their craftsmanship is superb. Eve Welts

I was in Athens, early November 1999. The Archaeological museum had
many wonderful things on display. Agamemnon’s gold death mask was
there, uh, big as life? Good shop in the museum basement, and
absolutely get “Greek Jewelry - 6000 years of tradition”. It’s
profusely color illustrated, with trade- accurate descriptions of the
items. Mykonos, I didn’t see much of. Many fine shops, lots of that
subtle red glow of higher-karat golds, in designs faithful to the
ancient traditions. If you can, get to Patmos and Rhodes. Important
monastic sites, many fine relics.

Dan Woodard

hi this is very strange i dont’ think that anybody in Greece can cheat
you that way [wrap something that you din’t paid]. First time i hear
something like that.Maeby they can say that an item is greek and it’s
inport in reality. I think that it’s the only point the greeks can
cheat you. but also very few of can find very nice pieces
inrealy good prices, anyway better than U.S.A

I think we could safely alter that to say that anywhere vendors
congregate to serve a transient (tourist) population we will find
unscrupulous dealers and frauds among them.

That is true of flea markets set up near Colonial Williamsburg,
Computer shows in arenas and auditoriums in cities across the USA,
and “duty free shops” in airports.

Anywhere humankind gathers together you will find the best and worst
that we can offer. Be wary, but don’t let fear dictate your every

Donna Marie

" hi this is very strange i dont’ think that anybody in Greece can cheat
you that way [wrap something that you din’t paid]. First time i hear
something like that."

I agree with the writer that not all Greek jewelry sellers are
cheats, and in fact, probably few of them are. My concern is that
SOME are because I have experienced it personally. There is
beautiful jewelry in Greece, superbly crafted. I have never been
cheated in an expensive shop with higher priced jewelry. However,
gift items that I bought singly, but in quantity of items, that
happened to me in Santorini and in Athens years ago. My point is
"buyer beware and forewarned" I do not wish to malign the good,
honest jewelers there. A Greek-American.