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Great resource on shipping

Hi Everyone,

Here’s some great from this year’s Professional
Development Seminar (PDS) at the Scottsdale AZ SNAG conference. The
topic was shipping and packaging. The is really great.
Harriete Estel Berman (the PDS committee is Harriete, Bridgitte
Martin and me) edited the 3 hour presentation into video
installments, 3 of which are up now. There are als= o presentations
from years past.

I hope that you find this valuable. Here is the skinny
forwarded from Harriete:


When shipping your one-of-a-kind work, the packing must protect your
art or craft! Learn how to create a one of a kind shipping/storage
box for exhibition work. Harriete Estel Berman has prepared a
SlideShare presentation with audio with step by step instructions
for reliable shipping protection.

Find all the on the SNAG web site at:

There is a matching four page PDF handout with pictures from the
Professional Guidelines. (This handout is 26MB so give it time to
download. Print it in advance so you are ready to make your own
shipping box.)

Here are five essential tips.

There are five essential criteria:

Packing needs to protect your work against normal hazards. If the
packing is found to be inadequate, insurance may not pay for a
claim…even if you paid for insurance. A minimum standard is double

All packing materials should be reusable for return shipping. Never
use clear plastic tape to secure bubble wrap. Removing the tape ruins
the bubble wrap and makes it unsuitable for return shipping. Cutting
through the tape risks damage to your work.

Movement in the box raises risk. Movement risks abrasion and
breaking. Art or craft needs to be firmly held in place with no sound
or movement.

Packing materials & instructions should provide a fool proof
"recipe" for repacking. Assume that the staff repacking your work is
merely overwhelmed and exhausted, at best… or inexperienced, at

Packing sends a message about your work. The packing for your art or
craft indicates how you want your work handled. A custom-made
professional quality shipping box clearly signals quality and an
expectation for care and attention.

HORROR STORIES: Packing & Shipping Recommendations for ARTISTS

As part of the SNAG 2012 Professional Development Seminar about
shipping, Leila Hamdan, former Registrar for the National Ornamental
Museum and artist, gave an informative lecture with lots of essential
shipping for artists and makers.

Her presentation has been posted as a SlideShare presentation with
audio. You can watch the same presentation as SNAG Conference

Here are a few quotes from Leila Hamdan.

“It is surprising how many artists do not know how to pack their
work for safety and security.”

“At the Museum, it was always heartbreaking to open a package and
see that their work had been damaged.”

“The way that artists pack their work is a reflection of how they
make it.”

“Do not fill your box with random bits of materials. It seem as
though you’ve emptied your recycling bin.”

Shipping Comparisons: Shipping Cost & Insurance with Common Carriers
Have you ever wondered which shipping company is best for shipping
your work to an exhibition?

For the SNAG Professional Development Seminar, Loring Taoka prepared
a short presentation and an essential handout for comparing shipping