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Great little drill press

Hello Orchidland,

I always appreciate hearing from Orchidians when they discover a
cool tool or nifty tip. I’ll share my newest cool tool.

Recently Stuller put out a new tool catalog with a small drill press
advertised. I bought it and am thrilled. It only takes up a space
6.5"x9" and has a Jacobs chuck that takes tiny bits. It runs
smoothly, quietly, and has a variable speed control. Best of all, the
price: US$79.95 + shipping. I have used it for a few months and am
delighted with its ease of use and small footprint.

I have no association with Stuller other than as a satisfied
customer… yada, yada, yada.

Judy in Kansas, where it was another gorgeous, sunny day and the mums
continue to display the best color and prolific flowers.

I too recently bought one, and put a small X-Y table and vise on it. (I glued leather
to the inside of the jaws)

It is a pretty good drill press, but it’s not precision be any

For example, there no way to know if you’ve got the drill straight on
the pole. There’s no marks to line up. But if eye-balling is good
enough for you, then this product will do. You get what you pay for.