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Great book

    I found a great book for just about anyone one is relatively
new to jewelry, or wants to brush up on some techniques, The
Complete Book of Jewelry Making by Carles Codine. Its a book from a
Spanish jeweler. Full color close ups of the part of the technique
you needed to see( not the part that you already know), along with
some really inspiring pieces.  It covers the basics of soldering,
enameling, wax, ect., and has formulas for pitch and neillio,
repouse tech, and specific projects. The publisher is Larkbooks. 

I just found it at:


Complete sourcebook reveals the key techniques that will open up
endless creative possibilities. Discover the secrets of working with
gold and silver, and the methods of cutting and piercing, forging with
hammers, and joining metals with other materials. Fully illustrated in
color. 160 pages. Size 8? x 11? inches. Published by Lark.

Hardbound � Current � ISBN 1579901883 � Item #1171429 Published at
$29.95 � Your Price $19.95 They have other books on Jewelry work at
good prices Jesse

Jesse, You are right. This is a very good book. It is clear, concise,
and well photographed. His designs with diamond crystals are a very
pleasing change from much of the glitter we see everyday. Not that
glitter is should hidden. All too many American books end up artys
craftsy with little real substance. Not this book.

I hope you get many years of experience, as I plan to, from it. Bill

Read the usual disclaimers here. There is one point of interest
though. Lark Books is located here in Asheville, NC. where people are
paid with wonderful mountain views as a substitute for the usual green stuff.
Take care, Bill

If anyone is interested in having a great book on jewelry making,get
the fairly recent book,The Complete Book of Jewelry Making byCarles
Codina. This is one of the best books I have in my library. It is
very informative and the pictures and proceedures are easy to follow.
All you beginners,get this book and all you teachers should also get
it. Lark Books is the publisher. Louise


I second your library choice. I found this book at SNAG last year at
Charon Kransen’s book sale. It’s always hard to choose from his
incredible collection of jewelry books, but this one caught my eye.

Speaking of books, I bought the large German granulation book. The
pictures are great, but is anybody interested in translating about 400
pages from German to English? Thought not.