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Great advice, unshared

Hi all. Another Orchid member has been very generously helping me
with advice on a new(for me) technique. He has been doing this
off-forum, and the sum total of his emails would make a great article
on the subject. But it made me wonder yet again about all the great
off-forum advice Orchid members provide to each other that remains
unshared with the group as a whole.

I know that a lot of you who ask questions think you may be the only
one who cares about the answer. I believe this is absolutely not
true. I often find myself looking forward to responses to questions I
don’t even particularly care about. This whole process is so
incredibly fascinating and valuable, and can open so many doors.

I guess what I’m asking for is that all of you consider whether your
off-forum advice might be more valuable when kept on the forum for
all to share and learn from. I realize that this may not always be
possible or practical- just something to think about.

Allan Mason

I also look forward to reading some of these, the main thing i go
off of is the subject line, if i find it interesting then i will
follow the thread.



You are so right that we sometimes have a tendency to answer
questions off-forum. I am guilty. I guess I do it because I don’t
want to waste other peoples time with my answer. So, from now on, my
answers will be on-forum.

jennifer friedman
enamelist, jewelry artisan, hollow ware,
ceremonial silver, and restoration
Ventura, CA