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Graveyard point agate

 I have a couple hundred pounds of graveyard point agate.  

I have a fondness for agate but have never heard of graveyard
point agate before. What is it like and would you care to sell


Hi; yes I have several hundred pounds of this agate, it comes
from an Indian burial ground called grave yard point, was
popular once when it was plentiful,Now the Indians have closed
it. The material is Quartz clear to a yellow tint, it has been
found to have gold in streamers inside some specimens I have
seen, I live In washington state so I gather Ellensburg
Blue,$10gr. and an agate I call Stormy Day,$15 a pound. If you
like I can send some pictures and perhaps a finished cut piece,
I also Have an Agate we call Color hill,$40a pound. It resembles
Condor. I also picked up much obsideon$1 a pound. There are
montana goedes $5 a pnd. and I will sell unknown (good quality)
what is inside, Ellensburg Blue calchadony for 150 a pound, Hey
I don’t carry back what is not Quality but I do have my favs ha
ha. I also have a 100 pound nephrite, jadite boulder of
washington Jade, grany smith color. I am going thru a divorce so
I will make a heck of a deal, don’t have room.

Email me if you want to discuse further.
Ringman John Henry