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Graver handles


An Orchid friend of mine wanted me to cut & shape an Onglette graver
for her. She even asked me to prepare it with a ‘Small,
Mushroom-shaped, wooden-handle’ to fit her hand.

Here is my predicament, to a point!..What kind of handle does she
need? Shown here are my own handles.

One picture, are all of my Mushroom wooden-handles. The other is my
complete set of graver blades & along with some steel & softer metal
pushers. As you all can see, is that a wooden handle is a difficult
choice. This is so complicated in deciding which handle to use.
Length of the hand, width of the palm, length of the fingers. the
list goes ‘on & on’. But she did supply me with some of
shapes of her hand.

BTW, I/we use thumb-guards all times. This prevents any cutting of
the skin during the bright-cutting procedures. As the Onglette just
rests against the thumb-pad. My next video will show how the graver
sits ‘in the hand’…Gerry Lewy