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Graver breaking?

In all of my 50+ years of shaping gravers, one thing I was taught and
never did, was to actually break off the end of a graver…and here
are my many reasons…read on! Can anyone actually insert a
"blunt-end" of a graver into a wooden handle? Even if its heated
red-hot? just doesn’t work…its like hitting a car against a
wall, try this one day. My only method, and to those who have
purchased my many gravers sets in the past, will notice ONE SIMPLE
aspect of them…and that is that all of them are tapered to a very
sharp POINT, why? Glad you asked.

When the end of the graver is heated red-hot you find that this
point will make its own hole further into the already pre-shaped
tapered hole in the wooden handle…You just can’t do this with a
"blunt-end"…it just does’t stay in there, plus it won’t ever stay

By carefully planning the “graver-end/root” and heating the end, all
nature does is to cool off the steel. This finely shaped graver has
a long time of being secure, and not being able to move around while
in use…I will even tap the graver further, while in the vise, into
the wooden handle just for MORE security…just my 2.5 Canadian cents

All of which is why I grind down the end to go into the handle
before heating it.

It works. Try it. Trust me.