Graphite jewellery

I’ve been asked if I can do graphite jewellery. Can anyone tell me what that is please? I don’t mean a stone made from graphite, rather a graphite grey finish on say silver. It’s not something I’m familiar with.

Thank you

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Traditional liver of sulfur can give you that “graphite grey”. Tumbling with steel shot will give it a durable finish but it will be shiny. I hope this helps-Good luck!

I hate to suggest this but I’ve seen it. There is an abrasive tumbling media using silicon carbide abrasive popularly called Hone and Highlight. It was manufactured to finish stainless steel in mass finishing. It is just awful on silver as it turns everything matte graphite grey. It absolutely destroys the finish but with a LOS patina looks like yuccky graphite. It is used primarily in rubber rotary tumblers when folks don’t have vibratory tumblers. I think it is dreadful.

Thank you for this. I’ll experiment!

Thank you for your reply. That does sound awful!

There is a plating solution called black rhodium if you have a rectifier and are familiar with the plating process. This is normally pen plated on, its black and works on all precious metals. I havent used it with any base metals. You can have the piece already polished and you go over the desired surfaces giving a nice dark metallic color. It also works with other colors like blue, yellow, white and pink if you have the prioer solution.

Interesting! Thank you for the suggestion.

Diane, aluminum quickly forms aluminum oxide on its surface, so most other products do not stick or effect the surface. To “oxidize” aluminum you can cook cooking grease onto the surface in your oven for a brown “patina” and for the graphite look you can use “dry moly” lube CRC 3084

I use it on files before filing aluminum and to “patina” aluminum.

I would read the SDS and probably not drink it etc.

Cheers Marty