Graphite ingot molds- do they need to be pre-heated?


I am wondering if graphite molds, such as the one listed below from Rio Grande, need to be pre-heated before pouring the metal in…Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve used ones like this, I set up a plumbers torch on a holder aimed at the mold while I heated my metal with my oxy/propane torch. If I didn’t the metal just seemed to freeze up. Ben


Hi All,

ok! good to know, Thank you!


Julie , dont bother with this mold till you see the videos that this mold maker has put out. the name is Cibel, you can see all his vids on his FB pages and site, he manufactures the graphite molds, he is in Australia, and prices are great. He has at least 10 designs and sizes , and I just found ound out. He will cut any design shape you like. But most importantly watch his 6-10vids on jow to use and pour with graphite molds.
Let me know if you need more help, I have used his molds.
sorry if this message came in as a duplicate.

Hi Hratch,

ok, good to know! I just watched the videos and I see how they are handled differently. Interesting! Thank you!