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Graphical safety posters

I’m taking on an apprentice.

I have a nice picture given to me by my welding supplier that shows
what can happen when one has greasy hands and comes in contact with
compressed oxygen. It looks like the poor guy is wearing wrinkled
grey gloves.

I’m looking for some jewelry shop accident pictures to print and
hang in my shop. I’m not having good luck on Google and thought maybe
some of you snapped some pictures and have some stories to tell that
I could reprint for my purposes.

I really don’t want this guy’s blood and tissues mucking up my
pristine workshop so I thought some nice, gory pictures (and stories
to go with 'em) would be a nice deterrent.

Please email me offlist, thanx!


I really don't want this guy's blood and tissues mucking up my
pristine workshop so I thought some nice, gory pictures (and
stories to go with 'em) would be a nice deterrent.

You might want to bear in mind what the Army found out during WWII
in their efforts to get GIs to wear condoms to prevent venereal

First, they made films with graphic images of what advanced VDs do
to genitals, etc, figuring they’d make the point most strongly.
Oddly, use of condoms actually went down. They made a new campaign
using cartoon characters (Mickey Mouse, if memory serves) just
talking about the importance of condoms and why to use them, in an
entertaining way, and condom use went way up.

The psychologists concluded that the graphic images were too
horrible to think about and got associated with condoms in the guys’
minds so they didn’t want to think about condoms either. A more
moderate approach was less threatening and more effective.

Food for thought.

P.S. I have tried, a few times, to prominently display a bur or bit
with hair wound around it, when such an incident occurred, as a
warning for students where I teach. Every time, the display vanished
pretty much instantly. Evidently, no one was willing to look at even
a few ripped-out hairs.

Wow, interesting stuff Noel.

I agree with Noel, make posters showing the correct behavior, one
studio I’ve seen had photographs of actual teachers and students in
that studio, modeling correct behavior.

Also, make it easy to comply. They also had safety glasses on the
wall, easy to grab, a dispenser of ear plugs, and grab bowl of hair
bands to tie back long hair. It all created an environment of “this
is how we do things here, the safe way.”


In reply to the request for “gory” suggest that a folder be set up
giving us all access to these photos. This would be of value to any
person? group operating a shop by being able to show students just
what damage a careless moment can cause. What do you all think of
this idea?

Lewis F. Elrod, CFE

After reading Noel again, I have to agree. Positive reinforcement is
far superior to the negative variety. But still-n-all…