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[Granulation] Research in silver granulation

Hello Orchidians… I am a grad student doing research this summer in
silver granulation. I have been going through the archives for how-to
material, book suggestions, etc. I have the Ed Colbeth and Sandra
Buchholz articles. Frequent reference is made to Metals Technic by
Tim McCreight, and to a section in Oppi Untracht’s Jewelry Concepts
and Technology. I am working on getting both of those books. I am in
the Chicago area, or I’d look into the classes in New York that I
hear about.

Can anyone recommend any additional publications? Or are these the
best? I am also looking for sources for the supplies: for ready-made
fine silver granules (I will also make some myself), special charcoal
block (I understand one kind is better), small kiln with lid (better
than Rio?), hide glue, etc. I want to recommend the best sources to
the others in the seminar. I appreciate any help you can offer!
Thanking you in advance… Lin

Hi Lin- A good source for gold and fine silver granules is SPM
Corporation out of New York (914)698-5353. I think you may be better
off making your own silver granules because the fabrication fee is
spendy. jamie jospeh

John Cogswell wrote his masters thesis on sterling silver granulation
and gives workshops on it. A chapter in Metals Technic by him deals
with sterling silver granulation. His thesis is more extensive. His
email is:

John is an excellent teacher on any subject he chooses.

Harold O’connor also gives workshops on granulation and uses 18k gold
on reticulated silver which is very lovely.


Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada

Lin ,You might want to look into “The Design and Creation of Jewelry
” by Robert von Neumann.

I took a workshop with him on granulation around 1979,great teacher
,we did sterling granulation in that weekend.


Lin, Possibly the largest library in the world dedicated solely to
gems and jewelry is located at the GIA in Carlsbad CA. I recommend
you give them a call and ask the library staff to help you. I know
that they do have a file containing periodicals and other research
info on the topic of granulation. In fact I think they even have a
copy of a thesis paper on the topic by Stanley Lechtin. The number
is 760-630-4000

Best of luck on a topic that I share an interest in. Mark

One reference that may be useful is in ‘The Design and Creation of
Jewellery’ by Robert van Neumann, pub. Pitman, R1969. There is also
reference in Herbert Maryon’s ‘Metalwork and Enamelling’, Dover,
1971, pp.9-11 and particularly on making the granules pp.53-55. Also
have a look at Thomas Gentille’s ‘Jewellery’, pub. Evans Bros, London.
Keep us informed of your researches! David Kelsall (UK)

In fact I think they even have a copy of a thesis paper on the topic
by Stanley Lechtin.   The number is 760-630-4000 

If they don’t, contact the library at the Cranbrook Acadamy of Art,
in Bloomfield hills Michigan, where Mr. Lechtzin did his MFA work, and
the originals are maintained. Or contact him directly (he currently
teaches at Tyler School of art, a part of Temple University in
Philadelphia. His email address is Stanley Lechtzin However, if I recall correctly his thesis paper
was related more to gold granulation than to silver. Been a long time
since I read it though so I might be recalling it wrong.

Peter Rowe

   However, if I recall correctly his thesis paper was related more
to gold granulation than to silver. 

The above was Peter Rowe’s comments about Stanley Lechtzin’s thesis,
and his recollection is correct (as usual). John Cogswell did his
master’s thesis at Suny in New Paltz, NY and is the author of the
Silver Granulation Thesis.

John Cogswell is an outstanding silversmith and teacher who was the
program director of the metals program at the 92nd St. Y for a number
of years and currently teaches at Parson’s School of Design in the
Metals Dept He also maintains his own studio fullfilling many private
commissions and also finds time to give many workshops throughout the
country. His technique is fully described in the book titled Metal
Technic compiled by Tim McCreight and that alone is worth the price
of the book. If you ever have a chance to attend one of John’s
workshops you will understand his popularity within the metalsmith
community. J.Z. Dule

I believe I saw John Cogswell’s name in the current 92nd Street 'Y’
catalogue. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know he
still teaches there. I’ve heard great things about him.

Does anyone on the list have a copy of the complete thesis that John
Cogswell wrote. I would like to read it in its entirity.

Randy Smith

If you get a chance, try to catch one of John Cogswell’s granulation
workshops.He’s a spectacular teacher ,and has all sorts of creative
ways of attacking problems. I took one of his granulation workshops
and had a ball! (and created hundreds of tiny little balls).

Dear Randy, Tim McCreight’s book “Metal Technics” has most of the how
to portion of the original paper. However if you want to get the
original thesis you can by using the interlibrary loan obtain a copy
of his thesis from the Suny Library at SUNY, New Paltz, NY. If you
have a problem you can contact me directly. JZD