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Grant Slides

I’m planning to apply for our state Art Council’s annual support
grant. Has anyone ever applied for one of these? I was thinking of
making some new pieces – real show pieces just for the application.
Does anyone have any ideas for the kind of work that wins these
things – or is it just a fluke and not the kind of thing you can
prepare for or figure out? And, I would ask if people think it’s
worth having a pro photographer (one of the expensive ones) do the
slides, but I suspect the answer would be yes.

Northern Illinois, USA
Great Lakes Region

I have been applying for the past 15 years ,haven’t been very lucky,I
would always make second cut or the finals…but never a grant,I would
assume I have spent a considerable amount on photography,pro photo is
advised ,that’s all they have to go by ,when jurying. it certainly is a crap shoot…

ELuther: I just spent a full day on a grants review panel for our
local arts council here in Houston. Some of what I learned.

  1. check out the guidelines for the grant and make sure you proposal
    addresses them in a concise and informative manner.

  2. make sure you show a history of stability and proficiency if you
    can within the grant guidelines.

  3. make sure your grant is written in a concise and informative
    structure.( get a pro to writ your grant if you can find someone with
    experience).you can also usually get a copy of other peoples grant if
    you write and ask for them (prefferabley the successful ones)

  4. Record keeping is also very important to people giving grant and
    also recognition of the grant attached to your work as well as thank
    you letters to all grantors.

  5. don’t give up if you don’t get a grant the first time it usually
    takes a couple three tries. (remember consistency and percerverance)
    hope this helps. Frank Goss