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Grain de caviar setting


Is there anyone woho could tell me how a “caviar cluster” effect is
acieved? There is a ring in the Jewelry, Anneau section on made with that technique - named like that, too.

Looks like the stones grow right out of the metal. I really liked it
and would like to try the setting.

Thanks a lot,
Dana Stefanoiu

The detail of the side of the ring looks like flush mounted stones. A
closer look at the center section would give a more complete answer.
More expert eyes will, I’m sure, respond.


Hi Dana;

Unless you can provide a very close up image, it’s impossible to say
for sure. Some of the outermost stones appear to be flush set, but
where they are grouped tightly, it may be classical pave. This is not
a technique for a beginner, although Blaine Lewis teaches it at New
Approach, and I don’t think he’d care if you’d ever set a stone
before, he’d get you going on it. It’s even possible that this piece
was stone-in-place cast, but again, without an extreme close-up, it’s
hard to say. The term, “caviar cluster” is not a standard stone
setter’s terminology, it’s a marketing term, probably made up for
this specific manufacturer.

David L. Huffman