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Graduated background paper - Andy's work

         My photographer--Doug Yaple, Seattle, WA.-- achieves a
very nice graduated effect on my slides that is quite dramatic
w/out interfering w/ the work.  He uses a non gradated grey paper
that is curved up from the horizontal to the vertical.  The
gradation comes from this bend and the depth of field rather than
an intrinsic quality to the paper. Andy Cooperman 

Hi Andy. I heard from two here on Orchid how wonderful your new work
is and your reply about the graduated paper your photographer uses
again reminds me of it so . . . . . now I just have to ask if there
is a website or publication where we could see some pictures of your
newer things?

The last time I saw (then) current work was several years ago in
Yuma and during the Seattle SNAG convention. I enjoy seeing your
pieces and would love to catch up.

Pam Chott

Hi Pam,

Thanks for asking. A fish server that I made will be in the
Commissions Section of Metalsmith in spring '03. I’ll be setting up a
web site this year and my slide scanner should be arriving in a week
or so. I’ll be glad to send off images then.