Government Grants?

Hello everyone - I love reading the threads posted, and feel that
it’s time I get up my own gumption to send in a question. I am a
recent FIT grad living in Brooklyn NY, and if my 1-year-old has
anything to say about it, I will never see the studio again as long
as I live. Or a luxuriously long shower either, for that matter. I am
broke, but itching to start up and itching to get my hands dirty. So
my question is this: Does anyone out there know of any resources
through which I might find some govt. grants? I am prowling the
internet as well, and will post what I find, but I thought I might
pick your brains. Any grants for childcare? I’ll take any info I can
get on any resource leads.

Also - If anyone in the NY area wants to hire an experienced (in
business and product development), smart, fun gal who is very eager
to learn, please let me know! Could this be the nascent germ of
shameless self-promotion?? Hmmm.

Thanks All – Martha