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Google SketchUp

Someone mentioned a free 3-D drawing program download from google.
It’s called Google SketchUp. You can find it listed in Google Extras.
I haven’t actually tried it but it looks interesting. Has anyone
actually used it?

elegant Insects jewelry

Yes, I’ve tried it but used it mainly for architectural designs. Are
you going to be using it to design jewelry?

I have used it. They HAD Windows Media format training files on their
website that you could play and pause while learning. In my opinion,
Sketchup is a wonderful fast prototyping tool, that one can quickly
come up to spped on for jewelry design, PLUS once one has a design
completed, it can easily be exported to CAD software for use with
Jewelry CAD/CAM software.

Hope this helps!!

Keith (AKA MadJeweler)


I haven’t tried it “for real” but have downloaded it, installed it,
and played around with it a bit. It’s got a similar interface
metaphor to Rhino or many of the other 3-D rendering programs, and
has some nice features. It’s designed, it seems, to make the concepts
of 3D more accessible to less experienced folks, which is a good
thing - and also a double-edged sword.

I’d say “try it” and have fun with it. It could be an excellent way
to work in 3D and get used to the concepts of it!

Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
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