Goods and Bad suppliers

Heyllo! I am looking at finally starting my own business. I
have done a fair amount of research on my own, but I do have a
few questions. I would like to know what suppliers people on
this list recommend for tools & equipment, and supplies and
materials? I would like to know which suppliers you would
reccomend avoiding? and why you are in favor of, or recommend
against, a particular supplier? (on how to contact
reccommended suppliers would also be helpful) thank you for your
time and help. Michael / QuestFox “Love is like pi- natural,
irrational, and very important.” Lisa Hoffmann

Lisa, For all of your tool needs there is no other place, in my
opinion, to call than Gesswein, their number is 1-800-243-4466.
The things that make Gesswein my one and only stop are these. 1.
The delivery is ALWAYS the next day. 2. They have an awesome
selection of everything… 3. They have a great technical support
staff. Elaine Corwin is a great person and extremely
knowledgeable about all of Gesswein’s products. There are other
suppliers out there, in fact there are quite a few, but I stand
behind Gesswein… Marc Williams

Hanuman’s Note:

Elaine from GESSWEIN CO INC USA is on Orchid. You can contact her
directly at Phone: 1-800-544-2043 ext 287
Fax: 203-335-0300

Michael: I suggest you contact MJSA, Manufacturing Jewelers and
Suppliers of America I also
suggest you check out the website of our Rhode Island rep, John
Mathieu, Andrea Guyot Twombly Guyot
Brothers Attleboro, MA


Charles has compiled a long list of recommended suppliers. Check out
Charles’ article

"Some useful North American addresses for equipment, materials
and at


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Gesswein IS a great supplier, but one reason they don’t get
enough of my own orders is that Rio Grande carries more items
overall. They are probably the biggest and not only sell tools
but also jewelry findings and stones and display and packaging
materials as well. They also have treated me really well and
don’t mind small orders. Gesswein, Rio Grande and Contenti are
my big three and they are all wonderful to deal with…Dave