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Good website for wholesale gems

Greetings: I’m looking for a few good websites that offer a wide
selection of gemstone parcels at WHOLESALE prices. Typically, I get
very good prices on parcels from dealers at various gem shows, and
also some good deals on ebay. But every once in a while I need a
type and/or color of stone that either I don’t have in stock or
isn’t currently listed on ebay.

When I search on the web, I can only find sites that offer stones at
either ridiculous “sucker” prices or at best retail prices. I like
to buy parcels to average out the shipping costs and the price per

Any suggestions on some good URLs for wholesale gem sites?

Virginia Lyons

Aloha Virginia, We stock a variety of gems. What in particular are
you looking for? Please be as specific as possible. It doesn’t mean
that we have it, but we carry a variety of loose pearls,
and beads. Plus we can get Jade at what we think is a good price.
I just went to Hawaii’s Jeweler’s Trade Show. Many of the dealers
selling there had prices more than what we sell wholesale for. My
eyes flew open and I gasped when I saw some of those prices. I like
to bargain. So I keep on asking for better prices. My Sterling
Toggles were good buy for some of bead necklace designs. I can’t
say I have it, but I can certainly look. As a follow Orchidian once
said, “Origin Unknown, Treatment Unknown”. Good advice. I have
between 3 to 4 ctw of MQ cut Emeralds that are clear with very
slight inclusions. Size is 10x5mm plus some others and I must say,
these are very good looking. Cost, $16.75 per carat for the MQ’s,
shipping and insurance not included. Each piece is less than one
carat, that can be deduced from the ctw for 4 pieces. However, these
are Emeralds that my customer didn’t want because they weren’t dark
and milky looking enough for his jewelry store to sell on eBay. Go
figure. Good luck in your search. BJ in Hawaii