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Good table height for display

I have been researching the archives and have not found what I am
searching for yet.

Also, I have to set up tonight! I know, I should have already done

Last year, 2001, someone wrote about a good table height for
display. They cut pvc pipe and had end caps added to the bottom.
They fit this over their display tables to elevate the height.

I need to know asap what was the dimension, how high. I think it
was 1-1/2", but that seems awfully little.

If anyone can help me with this asap, I will be sincerely forever

Thank you!
Sharon Perdasofpy

I’ve found that about 8 inches added to normal table height make a
comfortable height to look at, sorry I can’t give exactly what I use
but everything is still packed away for the winter. Koranna Baubles &