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Good Source of Gold Sheet

Dear Sally Hintz,

I would like to recommend Hoover & Strong, Inc. as an excellent
source of precious metal sheet. Here is the list of sheet that you can
order from them:

10K yell, wht, pink, green gold 22K yell, 24K fine gold

14K yell, wht, pink, green gold palladium, palladium-ruthenium

14K, 18K palladium wht gold platinum, platinum-iridium

14K, 18K peach gold plat/s+

14K, 18K royal yellow gold fine silver, sterling silver

14K, 18K yellow spring gold 80/20 reticulation silver

18K yell, wht, pink, green gold

As a happy customer of over 30 years I recommend them highly. I like
the way they do business. You can locate them at: 1-800-759-9997 Hoover & Strong Inc. 10700 Trade
Road Richmond, VA 23236-3000

Hoover & Strong are the corporate sponsors for the 2001 Society of
North American Goldsmiths (SNAG). I hope to meet many Orchidians at
the conference.

Sally best wishes to you,

Cathy Wheless

I am another happy customer of Hoover & Strong and just thought I’d
mention that if what you want isn’t listed in their catalogue, they’ll
make it for you. Just ask.