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Good deeds done

Yo, Orchidians:

I’m writing a quicky little item for the back of February’s MJSA
Journal called One Last Idea. The idea this month, originating with
Andrea Hill, is to “do something small but unforgettable for your
customers.” "Small acts of kindness and remembrance go a long way,"
she says. I’m looking for a few examples of such things. Anybody got
one, either from the giving end or receiving end? Ways to make a
customer, especially a longtime customer, feel more appreciated or a
purchase more memorable?

Please send 'em my way.


Gerry Davies
Managing Editor
MJSA Journal

Ways to make a customer, especially a longtime customer, feel more
appreciated or a purchase more memorable? 

Hi Gerry, don’t know if this fits your theme, but I’ve just
photographically documented the making process of a wedding ring for
the customer - it was designed especially for them and incorporated
wax carving and fabrication, so i thought they might enjoy seeing
the stages and also it might give them even more appreciation of
their very special piece. I guess it’s really a bit of marketing as
well as sharing my passion for process and a bit of education all
thrown in as a packaged CD - I’m happy with the idea, and they are
thrilled, too.,

cheers, Christine in Sth Australia

Hello Gerry,

In December this little old man came to one of the places I work. He
splurged and got his wife nice little diamond earrings. about
$600.00. Last week he week he came back, with the wife in tow. She
towered over him by at least a foot. She looked very grim, had her
arms locked acroos her chest ans said “I don’t want them we can
afford them. We want our money back” This poor man looked so sad and
embarrassed. I felt bad for him. Our return policy is very
resonable, and gave him the credit to his card without any fuss. This
week we recieved a very nice Thank you card in the mail. He may not
be allowed to spend alot of money, but I know he remembers how nice
we were.


On several occasions I have made a corresponding gift for the
client’s child/children.

Dad buys Mom diamond earrings and the daughters got birthstone
earrings from me as an unexpected bonus.

An old and dear friend and customer lost his wife to cancer a year
ago, and asked about using her personal jewelry in making a ring for
him to wear. I carved a wax that I designed to hold all her major
stones, and he loved the look of the new piece. On casting day, he
brought in a camcorder and filmed me loading her jewelry into the
crucible and casting his new ring. Later I took photos of the ring
being finished, and the diamonds being set. Today he not only has a
memory on his finger,but a film and photos of the process as it was
being made.

Jon Michael Fuja