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Goldsmiths Competition

Hi Andrew and anyone else in the UK interested in the 1998
Craftsmanship & Design Awards. The details are as follows: The
competition is run by the goldsmiths Craft Council, Goldsmiths
Hall, Foster Lane, London, EC2V 8AQ. Tel: 0171 606 8975. “The
competition is open to anyone working in percious metals, percious
gems and non precious gems and other materials” The sections of
thecompetition are as follows: The Jacques Cartier Memorial
award. Prize money �1000. Goldsmiths Company Award �4500. Council
Award for best senior (Craft). Council Awrd for the Best junior
(craft) Council Award for best Design (Drawing) Senior/Junior.
Council College Award. The total prize money in cash and precious
metals is �30,000. There is too much detail on the entry form to
put here. The closing date for entries is 3rd February 1998. So
all you craftspesons out there, have a go you have nothing to
lose, entry is free. Just phone Goldsmiths Hall and ask them for
an entry form. .BTW, Andrew, how far are you from Swansea?

Richard W