Goldsmith's Company Masterclass DVDs

To all who asked here are the details of the Masterclass DVDs that I
mentioned in my posting about Saw Blade Behaviour when piercing.

I am told that the Masterclass DVDs made by the Goldsmith’s Company
are available to anyone who is interested, it’s just that they offer
them post free to UK customers at a price of 15 UK pounds each. I am
sure if you contact them and offer to cover the postage they will
send them to USA customers. Just one note, the Goldsmith’s Company do
not accept credit card orders, they require customers to send a bank
cheque that covers all costs before they will post any goods.

Here is a link to the page on the Goldsmith’s Company website that
details the Masterclass DVDs and Technical Library with some email
contact addresses for the Goldsmith’s Company Technology and
Training departments.

I would advise that you contact them direct and ask them about costs
and postage charges outside the UK.

James Miller FIPG.

Masterclass DVDs made by the Goldsmith's Company are available to
anyone who is interested, 

Let’s see…chartered in 1327. I’d say that the Goldsmith’s
Company is a wonderful resource, but of course it’s so much more than
just that. Words can’t convey how much I wish America had such a
place for ourselves… But we CAN use the web. I’d suggest
interested people poke around more that James’ link. The gallery is
quite cool, for instance: