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Goldsmithing Workshop

Fellow Orchidians,

I don’t want this to sound like shameless self-promotion, but I had
promised several Orchid members that I would contact them when I
will be teaching another workshop. I’m currently surrounded by
chaos, getting ready for the Baltimore Craft Show, and I can’t find
the list of people who asked me to contact them. So I will simply
post this, and hope that it will find its way to those who asked…

I will be teaching a week-long workshop at the Touchstone School of
Crafts, south of Pittsburgh, on June10-15. This workshop is “An
Introduction to Goldsmithing,” and is for those who have been
working in silver, but would like to work in gold. This will be a
very intensive workshop, and will cover a lot of If you
want more details, just contact me and I will be happy to provide

There are a couple of other workshops offered at Touchstone this
summer that I would also recommend. Melissa Veres will be teaching a
week-long workshop on Hand Engraving, and she is an excellent
instructor as well as an excellent engraver. I will be taking her
workshop, since she does a lot of very interesting ornamental
engraving, as well as lettering. July 8-13.

Steve Midgett is also teaching Mokume Gane on August 19-24. Steve
does a really great workshop, and I highly recommend it.

There are, of course, other workshops offered as well, but these are
two that I know well. The catalog is not out yet, but will be coming
out soon. You can register for these workshops now. Once the catalog
comes out, they tend to fill quickly. You can contact Touchstone at
800 721-0177, or check their web site at

Thanks, Doug Zaruba