Gold watches value

A customer brought in two 14kt gold watches to sell for scrap. One
of them has a brand name YLRO (marked on face). It’s a ladies watch.
I am not familiar with this name and can not find it on the internet.
The movement is marked 17 jewels and is broken. The case and the band
are both marked 14kt and both acid tested at 14kt. They appear to be
solid gold. Is anyone familiar with this watch. Would the band be
solid 14kt or just plated?

The other watch is a Men’s Wittnauer, movement is marked 76/3 revue.
Case is marked 14kt gold and also has the following numbers on it.
350068 716878. It also appears to be signed inside H2/68. These case
does appear to be solid 14kt.

Both watches are in fairly rough shape and are not in working

Does anyone know if either of these watches have more value than
just the scrap gold value ie should I send them to the refiners with
my next shipment or is there a reason to keep them intact. Each
watch would have a couple of hundred dollars worth of gold in them.
Any advice? Thanks in advance

Calgary, Canada