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Gold Refining equipment

I wish to buy a gold refining equipment for my lab. Should be able
to refine from 18 karat to 24 carat. Will appreciate suggestions. I
was reading about Simplicity refining equipment by Shor International
US. Has anybody used this?

Best regards
Prabhas Kashyap
Kas Gems and Jewelry Pvt. LTd.

I have used the simplicity refining system from Shor International
many times and have had excellent results with it. Speak with Peter
at Shor and he will guide you through any difficulties and also
explain what is new with this system Blair Waugh

Blair, My system has been sitting unused now for years.Do you
actually get it to work?Something must have changed.It works great if
you have a solid piece of gold to work with.Melting your solid scrap
into a bar.But for filings and buffing or grinding materials I feel
it is totally lame.Peter told me to use lye to dissolve my blue
silicon wheel debris from my filings.What a mess and it didn’t even
touch the silicon.I would love for it to work .By the way you are the
first person out of many that I have asked about the shor system that
has actually said they had good results.Regards J Morley Coyote
Ridge Studio

Dear J.Morley, I have been using the Simplicity refining System for
over a year now. I agree that refining filings is a bigger hassle but
not due to the Simplicity. The separation of silicon wheels, emery
and everything else that gets into the filings is a problem. I have
used Shor’s products to dissolve these from the metal and the
solvents are extremely corrosive. Everything steel in my home
workshop is now rusty (this is in Tucson where we still aren’t sure
what rust is) after just one pot of this stuff cooked on my hot
plate. I do love the Simplicity for the larger sievable scraps of
gold. It works VERY well for me and I do cook them in lye before I
melt. The lye will dissolve the ferrous metals in the scrap but not
silicon. Sam Patania, Tucson

Absolutely right!! While running a major refinery for the last 17
years…I have had more calls from customers who bought the machine
and got bummed out by it than almost any other type of problem. I
could go into the Used Refining Machine business overnite with the
amount of machines out there just sitting idle.

(Anybody have a good machine for sale…cheap?)

                                            Doc Robinson

Sam, Thanks for the response.I live in Colorado where rust is not a
problem either.So what do you do with your silicon and junk dust.You
said you HAVE used shors products for this.Are you still using their
product to dissolve filings or do you send those off
separately.Regards J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Dear J. Morley, I’m saving the filings and don’t really have a plan
for them at this point. I will send them to Hoover and Strong should
I decide to not process them myself. I"ll let you know what I decide
but, I put filings on the back burner at this point and am letting
them accumulate. Another problem with the filings is that when I did
use the Shor product- and I will have to look up the name of that
product and write you back- I couldn’t clean the solvent from the
filings so that when I did melt it was very dirty and fumed allot.
When I put that ingot into the Simplicity it would not refine in
anything approaching a timely manner and did not produce a clean 24k
gold. I tested the product and it came in at 18K! I’ll write more
soon. Sam Patania, Tucson