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Gold Plating recommendation

Hi everyone! I live in San Francisco and am looking for a reliable gold plater to create a gold vermeil over my sterling silver pieces. Any recommendations would be incredibly useful! Initially I was trying to find someone local in SF, but I was unable to find someone. That being said, I am open to any location if you know and have worked with someone great for gold plating!

Additionally, I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations about setting cabochons after the gold plating process? I use mother of pearl stones in many of my pieces that need plating, and am concerned that the gold plating process will destroy the luster of the stone. Any advice would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you!


I have used Cal-Mart Plating, in the Los Angeles Downtown Jewelry District.

You might want to give them a call and see if they can help you.


Red sky plating in Albuquerque has done good work for me.
Judy Hoch

Setting stones after plating will damage the plating unless you just glue the stones in. Vermeil electro plating is only 2.5 microns thick.

I’m happy to hear Red Sky was a good choice for you Judy. I have tried platers around Prov. RI but they like volume and are never happy to see me with my small quantities. So, I had wondered about Red Sky and now with your recommendation I’ll give them a try.
Thanks, Taf

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Ah, yes. I’ll have to see if the mother of pearl gets damaged in the plating process!

Thank you! I’ve heard their name come up a couple of times and will check them out.

I use a couple of NYC platers locally, but I wouldn’t really recommend them as being worth shipping to. I have used Red Sky many times and never had problems, but it’s pretty slow. I have lately been using John Arakelian at Unique Plating in RI.

66 Mill St
Johnston, RI 02919

Has been very fast, great pricing, great quality and easy to work with! I get flash plating for some costume brass charms, not vermeil, but it is super durable so far.