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Gold pendant found by python hunter story goes viral

Have you got any other images from that run? Anything with a
raking angle on the piercing? 

There is a whole album of photos on this at

We jewelers tend to be more interested in what this thing is,
culturally and physically. Most of the rest of the people following
the story want to know whose it was.

The piercing seems like it was done by drilling holes at all the
corners and then carving out the material in between with gravers.
The emerald version of the design from Cuba looks more like it was
saw-pierced. The owner says it is a copy made in the early 20th
century from an older family heirloom.

No, we did not do any solvent cleaning. Only a pencil eraser on one
area of the back. The idea was that the mud, sand and other
contaminants are also part of the evidence, which we should do as
little as possible to disturb. Sorry, I don’t know enough about the
EDS to answer all your questions. maybe the other pictures on
Facebook will make it clear.

The thing was made for an audience that knew French. That might be
the Cuban upper class that generally learned French as a second
language, or it could be something that comes from France. I tried to
get the Associated press to translate their article into French and
update it with the Cuban gentleman’s "Croix/Crois en Moi"
explanation, with the hope that some antiquarian or student of French
antique jewelry might know about these things and clue us in. But the
AP sold off its French language department and doesn’t do that sort
of thing now.

It has been over a week now since the family survivors of the
ValuJet crash were contacted by e-mail. No response. We may never
know who was wearing this when it went into the swamp.

Stephen Walker

Don’t eliminate the french-speaking Canadians or the french speaking
Cajuns in the US from your mind when considering french ethnic
populations. Could well be.

Hope you have some results, not only would it be nice to return it
to the owner, but you might them get a story of the piece - the
when’s where’s and how’s.

Barbara on a blue sky day on the island (with a little smoke from
the forest fires in Quebec)