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Gold on Titanium: Nice Job by Intrica

Just a shout out to say that we ended up commissioning Intrica to
do our gold on titanium wedding bands and were well taken care of,
at a good price, and the rings look beautiful!

They are 22k gold on a frame of commercially put Ti, which is
matte finish on the outside, and polished on the inside. The Ti
was hand-lathed, and, as was suggested by you members of Orchid,
the gold was cast into the Ti.

Thanks go to Heather and Jeff of Intrica, and thanks to all who
sent suggestions on technique, and to Orchid as an instituion.

I will now be disappearing back into my world of analog
electronics, as this list is too high-volume for me to keep up
with. Any comments, please e-mail them to me directly.

-Joe Betts-LaCroix