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Gold on Quartz

Thanks, John Burgess Your suggestions are just what I’m looking for.

 I even had to build the high vacuum evaporation device, for this
was in 1948 just after the war,when it was a case of 'make it
yourself or forget it' for research equipment. 

I prefer building my own equipment when I can. I have a good vacuum
pump - (10 to the -4 torr) This is probably not high enough. Is it
possible to add an air “getter” to remove remaining gas? How would
you mask parts of the piece from gold deposition? I found a reference
to cleaning the quartz involving making a glow discharge plasma that
burns off all organic matter from the surface. This can be made with
the microwave tube from a discarded oven (shielding it of course). I
have a hundred more questions because I think you probably have
volumes of hands-on experience. If you are willing, I will
shamelessly pursue this in following posts.

Ever the student,
Dan Granett