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Gold 'n' such

Dear All,

I’ve been following the thread on gold with interest. I lived in
Kanazawa, Japan for three years, and they are one of the major
producers of gold leaf in Japan. It was everywhere: in sake, on
confections, incorporated into lacquerware, etc… They also have a
very internationally-minded convention bureau (my wife worked for
them) so finding sources for gold leaf would not, I believe, be an
insurmountable task, IMHO.

On the subject of craft canopies, I bought a second-hand one from a
man who purchased it originally from a company called “Creative
Energies, Inc.” Tel.: 1 (800) 351-8889. It is not as easy to set up as
some, but is beefy and well-built. Again, this is just my humble opinion.

Chris in Waynesville, NC

P.S. Again, I’d like to ask the group about sources for how-to
ventilation of a basement studio. Can anyone out there help me?